Merger IT - About us

Merger IT’s aim is to provide an excellent and high-quality service to help with companies’ business growth. 
Merger IT is the trading name of Arapiki Ltd. 

Arapiki Ltd has operated as an independent IT consultancy since 2005, specialising in Migrations, Mergers and Acquisitions.

Merger IT is owned and run by David Catto, who, with over 14 years of company merger experience is a great helm for the company and offers expert advice, guidance and expertise. 

David understands exactly what is required by companies Migrating, Merging or Divesting.  He is able to work with clients across various industries to understand their IT and technical challenges and offer robust proposals that ensure that success is achieved every time.

David possesses renowned understanding of merger and acquisition processes and he knows what it takes to migrate information and services successfully. 

He has an impressive track-record of effectively joining companies IT systems together and fixing complicated IT problems facing organisations.

David has work with various clients over the years either directly or by engaging with larger-scale consultancies who have then used his services, knowledge and experience to offer clients the solution they are looking for. He is often brought into projects when they are underway or have run into difficulty. 

He understands the importance of having a fully developed and tested plan and also that most organisations are faced with large-scale IT technical challenges but have financial and time pressures.

Many IT Consultancies do not have the in-house experience and knowledge to provide the best solution is for a company and that’s where Merger IT comes in!

We offer a free initial consultation to establish how we can help your business. This session allows us to explain our suite of offerings and provide us with an opportunity to understand your IT challenges.

We have a fantastic due-diligence script which will be the cornerstone of your migration information.  Trust us on that! It is so good and know you will like it we will give it away to you for ​FREE.

During the initial consultation we will work with you to fully understand your needs, the scope of the work, and to discuss the options available. You will have an opportunity to meet our expert team who will guide you through every step of the process.

Merger IT works in a collaborative way.

From the initial meeting we can put in place a structure of works for all parties and so we are all clear what we are going to be doing.

Here at Merger IT we aim to provide an excellent, high-quality service to help with your company with its IT technical challenges resulting from mergers and acquisitions.

Merger IT ensures a controlled and well managed programme of work by following the principles laid out by PRINCE II Methodology. We also use a common sense approach to project management where we include testing, pilots, and a controlled roll-out where the business needs are the priority.

No two mergers or acquisitions are the same. 

Merger IT understands takes the time to understand you, your organisation and your needs. We then provide you with the most suitable solution for your company.

We provide an independent overview of the migration by giving an objective approach based on a company’s challenges, objectives and culture.

Our advice is always clear and concise and, most importantly, honest. We will provide you with a clear approach to resolve migration issues and to provide guidance and bring structure to the project.

 We will deliver where others have failed!