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Product overview
Companies who need to collaborate quickly sharing calendar events in real-time?   Getting companies working together quickly an efficiently is always key to an M&A or Collaborative project.  By seeing the Free/Busy information in your counterparts in another organisation will ensure when scheduling meetings and appointments you are assured to plan this accurate making sure your time is not being whittled away while organising meeting times

This could be the first step in your Mergers and Acquisitions programme.  From here each step migrating the companies email together will work seamlessly.
  • Instant information at your finger tips without any licencing.  Merger IT professional services will work with your team quickly get up and going
  • Collaborate quickly and effectively
  • Start correctly in your Migration or M&A activity
  • Proved end-to-end solution to ensure you can complete your Migration or Merger & Acquisition smoothly without additional re-work
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Merger IT has a proven process to ensure you are up and collaborating together as soon as you can.  Realise the benefits ensuring calendars are viewed and can even be shared accelerating your collaboration and not having to go through the time-wasting process of “when will you be available for a meeting”.  You can simply just look up their Free/Busy in formation.

Find out more how you can engage with Merger IT Services where we can provide your organisation with an end-to-end solution including:
  • Professional Services
  • Quest Licensing
  • Product Support
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Collaborate now

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