Email Migration with ease

Product overview
You are now ready to migrate your users Email to your target environment.  This Merger IT tool can even be run by your Project Manager!  Define your batches, give the batch a name and let the Migration begin.  Users will be notified when their email is Synced, & Completed.

Users have the smoothest possible Email experience possible with no interruption to their working day.  Many may not even know their email has been migrated. 

With no impact on your Technical teams or Service Desk daily tasks and can be run by the project team or project manager.
  • Run your Email Migrations using members of the Project team with minimal technical expertise
  • Ensures checks are done so as not run email migrations
  • Reporting through email alerts
  • Leverages and enhances Microsoft Migration batch CmdLets
  • Connects securely to Source and Target Exchange environments
  • Saves on per-mailbox subscription service
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You are now ready for your email migration.  This tool delivers!  That has been proven too.  ​

Leveraging Microsoft native migration batch technology, this will ensure your users are migrated smoothly from one environment to another. 

Load up your batches of users and shared mailboxes to be Synced and Completed.

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Email Migration with ease

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