Enterprise Reporter for Active Directory

Product overview
Enterprise Reporter will give you a step-up in reporting from Merger IT’s own Daily Due-diligence reporting outputs.  Enterprise Reporter will continue to support Active Directory Migrations, and ongoing compliance.  Reporting for on-premises and Azure Active Directory organizations can perform security assessments, configuration change history reviews, and pre- and post-migration analyses.

Pre-migration assessment — Plan for a smooth domain migration or consolidation project by pinpointing user and group dependencies, matching conflicts, and unused accounts before the migration starts.

Understand and manage who has delegated rights with delegated rights reporting and who has access to which domains, OU’s, users, groups and computers, as well as Azure AD users, groups, roles, applications and permissions.  Enterprise Reporter also captures change history which can be reviewed in reports gaining a historical understanding, scaling up as you require.
  • ​Delivers automated discovery and reporting on the configuration of Active Directory and Azure AD
  • Enhances security and compliance by increasing visibility into Active Directory and Azure AD
  • Provides pre-migration analysis to facilitate a smooth domain migration or consolidation project
  • Facilitates AD historical analysis and compliance reporting by capturing the historical configuration of Active Directory and providing detailed change history reports
  • Scalable, secure and customizable to support large and complex Microsoft Windows environments with multiple groups of report consumers
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With Enterprise Reporter gain reporting insights to your organisation for preparation of Migrations and ongoing control.

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Data sheet
Pre-migration checks
Your data sheet for your review and to share with your team.
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