Product overview
Collect and store security and compliance data from all native Microsoft or third-party workstation logs from various systems, devices and applications in one, searchable location with immediate availability for security and compliance reporting. InTrust delivers a unified view of Windows event logs, UNIX/Linux, IIS and web application logs, PowerShell audit trails, endpoint protection systems, proxies and firewalls, virtualization platforms, network devices, custom text logs, as well as Quest Change Auditor events.

Monitor who is logging onto workstations, ensure administrators are not using unauthorised Tier 0, or Tier 1 accounts when logging onto end-user workstations and devices to complete support tasks. Protect the organisation from modern cyberattacks such as Pass-the-hash, phishing or ransomware.

Gather and compress event logs with compression rations of 20:1 for indexed events or 40:1 for unindexed data. 

InTrust is scalable with one server being able to process 60,000 events per second with 10,000 agents writing event logs simultaneously.
  • ​Slash storage costs and ensure continuous compliance with a highly compressed and indexed log repository
  • Easily search all end-user and privileged account activity from a single location
  • Quickly report on, troubleshoot and investigate security events
  • Make sense of your data with normalized native event logs
  • Easily integrate with your existing SIEM solution
  • Immediately respond to threats with real-time alerting and automated responses
  • Protect event log data from tampering or destruction by duplicating events as they are created
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With intrust you will have Simplified log analysis which collects and compresses data for your needs.  InTrust is positioned to enable a quick implementation that delivers immediate value in the audit and compliance arena.

Experience how to protect event log data from tampering or destruction by creating a cached location on each remote server where logs can be duplicated as they are created.

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In this datasheet find more information how to secure your organisation by gaining improved insights, giving your organisation on the spot security and compliance. Learn about the features of this centralised console interfacing with InTrust will gather state-based data, how you can recover objects in Active Directory.
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