IT Security Search

Product overview
IT Security Search, a web-based interface of InTrust, correlates disparate IT data from numerous systems and devices into an interactive search engine for real-time search and analysis. The tool uses simple, natural search language to help IT administrators and security
teams quickly investigate insider attacks.

With a quick search, you’ll be able to find out who did what, when and where, whether it’s a change to critical Active Directory objects, elevated

privileges granted to a user or group, or access to critical files and folders. Rich visualizations and event timeline provide more valuable insights.
  • Reduce the complexity of searching, analysing and maintaining critical IT data scattered across information silos
  • Speed security investigations and compliance audits with complete real-time visibility of your privileged users and server/file data in one searchable place
  • Troubleshoot widespread issues should an outage or security breach occur
  • Restore corrupted or maliciously changed AD objects with ease and speed
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IT Security Search uses simple, natural search language to help administrators and security teams quickly investigate insider attacks from a web-based interface.

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In this datasheet find more information how to secure your organisation by gaining improved insights, giving your organisation on the spot security and compliance. Learn about the features of this centralised console interfacing with InTrust will gather state-based data, how you can recover objects in Active Directory.
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