Match Computers to Users

Product overview
Who is using which computer?  Often is the case where the information in your asset register is inaccurate.  How can you be absolutely sure who is using which computer?  This tool is the perfect accompaniment to for your Migration and M&A activities.  This feature then kits nicely into your daily Due-diligence reports and Active Directory where the information is updated.

With this accurate information you then can plan which computer is used by the user(s), where they are, allowing planning of a successful and efficient migration.
  • Correctly identify Computers and the Users logging onto them
  • Updates and changes show in Active Directory and the Due-diligence reports
  • Simplifies the unknowns in planning Migrations or just simply “who is using which device and where is i?”
  • Leverages and enhances Microsoft Migration batch CmdLets
  • Identify the “holes” of Computers to User information
  • Assists in your Migration planning with accuracy
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Quickly realise the benefits of getting accurate information as part of you M&A activities.  You my just want to get the information as part of internal audit and tracking. 

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Data sheet
Match Computers to Users

Your data sheet for your review and to share with your team.
Download your Datasheet now and realise quickly the benefits to your organisation accelerating your User and Computer migration activities.
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