Migration Manager for Exchange

Product overview
Migrating email from Legacy Exchange or more modern instances (Exchange 2007 onwards) to your on premises or Office 365 can provide coexistence throughout your migration project.  Realising the benefits getting full collaboration between organisations enhancing your work experience ensuring consistency across the enterprise.

Have that smooth migration experience and keep your organisation working smoothly with little or no interruption to the user experience.
  • Mitigates the risks involved in migration, consolidation and restructuring projects
  • Ensures that users can continue working, totally unaware that the migration is in progress
  • Prevents any increase in migration related calls to the help desk
  • Shortens project timelines so you can complete your project on time and under budget
  • Eliminates the need to visit each workstation for profile updating
  • Lets you migrate when you want to, not just after hours
  • Enables you to use fewer resources
  • Provides up-to-the-minute reports for management so you don’t have to
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Release and realise the benefits of using Quest Migration Manager for Exchange bringing your organisation closer together and future proofing reducing potential risk.

A smooth Migration process will ensure the project will complete faster and on time.

With the Pre-migration checks, will ensure the User account is current and that the Computer is available at the time they are expecting to be Migrated.

Find out more how you can engage with Merger IT Services where we can provide your organisation with an end-to-end solution including:
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  • Quest Licensing
  • Product Support

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Data sheet
Pre-migration checks
Your data sheet for your review and to share with your team.
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