Recovery Manager for Exchange

Product overview
Email is increasingly targeted for electronic discovery investigations, which can take hours, days or even weeks of your valuable time.  Merger IT knows this well as we have completed these kind of tasks without the facility of Recovery Manager for Exchange.

There may be a time limited order to get the information.  With Recovery Manager for Exchange search multiple sources including Exchange on-premises and Exchange Online (Office 365).  Complete intelligent searches finding exactly what you need based on Sender, Recipient, date, attachment type, subject message keyword, attachment keyword, or even advanced pattern searching and other custom queries.
After the search, Recovery Manager can export the results in a variety of formats to facilitate email discovery requests.
  • Streamlines searches by using a single console to find and retrieve data from multiple sources, including Exchange on-premises and Online (Office 365)
  • Preserves company knowledge that might be needed for investigations
  • Leverages investments in existing backup technology with support for the most common backup media and software — while eliminating the need for a dedicated recovery server
  • Improves SLAs by providing granular, message-level data recovery
  • Improves productivity by automating Exchange discovery and recovery tasks
  • Improves security with reporting that shows all searches performed and messages retrieved
  • Ensures quick recovery if data is corrupted or missing during a migration
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Experience the benefits to your organisation by having Recovery Manager for Exchange.  You will be able to leverage message search and recovery protecting your organisation when it matters most.

Accessing from a single console you can find and retrieve message-level data from multiple sources in minutes finding exactly what you need.

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In this datasheet you will learn more about the features including federated Search, Full-text indexing, Multiple export options, intelligent search, reporting and Recovery Manger for Exchange’s ability to interface with multiple backup software products.
Data sheet
Pre-migration checks
Your data sheet for your review and to share with your team.
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